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IT & Cybersecurity

Do you have protective instincts? Building and maintaining the security of complex computer networks and databases might be the career for you.

IT & Cybersecurity

IT & Cybersecurity might be the field for you if:

IT cybersecurity professionals have the ability to come up with unique solutions to complex problems, while also following stringent sets of procedures. They use strong reasoning and analytical abilities to solve problems, and also feel comfortable presenting these ideas in front of others.

Sound interesting? Here are some occupations in this field:

Network/System Administrator

Network and computer systems administrators manage the day-to-day operation of these networks. They organize, install, and support an organization’s computer systems, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network segments, intranets, and other data communication systems.

Business Analyst

Business analysts evaluate data that is used to support and make informed business decisions. This can be in relation to emerging external trends or changing internal performance demands.

Technical Architect

Technical architects define the overall structure of a program or system and encompasses both technical and management skills. They are responsible for improving end-user experience or ensuring a company’s internal digital framework works smoothly.

Cybersecurity Administrator

Cybersecurity administrators help prevent attacks through their expertise and knowledge of databases, networks, hardware, firewalls and encryption. They keep computer systems running smoothly, prevent the theft of financial and personal information, and block intruders from accessing and divulging proprietary data.

A Cybersecurity Administrator's day might include:

8:00 AM
Start the day with the new customer onboarding meeting to help them implement our product
Sit in on troubleshooting and debugging meeting with customer service and software development team leaders to address issues with computer programs
Maintain software with the latest updates to block third-party and partner application backdoor vulnerabilities and malicious code
12:00 PM
Answer technical questions from fellow team members, customers or the public
Identify and manage vulnerabilities within the internal technical environment and our own applications to achieve and guarantee zero loss
Review detailed plans for a new security command center our company is building

You could work at a company like:

Meet Dipali Patel, IT Analyst at Eli Lilly and Company
Dipali never would have thought that he would want to work in the IT department at a pharmaceutical company, but he really enjoys his work in IT cybersecurity.
Mat Gangwer Profile
From intern to CTO: Mat Gangwer of Rook Security
During his time at Rook Security, Mat has instilled a lot of confidence in his co-workers. So much so, he didn’t actually opt-in to the role of CTO; his co-workers elected him for the position.
How Rook Security helped IMS monitor security threats during the Indianapolis 500
How Rook Security helped IMS monitor security threats during the Indianapolis 500
The Indianapolis 500 is a specially-rated event, with similar security standards to the Super Bowl. Working alongside law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, Rook Security set up a Cyber Command Center inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Emergency Operation Center (EOC), to detect and respond to digital threats.

Educational requirements could include:

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming, or related field is preferred. Some organizations will also look for advanced certificates or training

Ready to see some jobs?

IT Cybersecurity Specialist (Systems Administration/Information Security)

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
Indianapolis, IN
3-5 Years,
IT & Cybersecurity


Matrix Integration
Fishers, IN
3-5 Years,
IT & Cybersecurity

Support Engineer

Matrix Integration
Fishers, IN
0-2 Years,
IT & Cybersecurity

Jobs in Tech 101

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