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Are you a competitor with a will to win and a knack for influencing and building relationships with people?


Sales might be the field for you if:

Sales professionals must have strong communication skills and feel comfortable speaking in front of others. Sales requires a competitive spirit and a passion for working with people every day, all day. Sales professionals have the foresight to predict potential problems and understand how to resolve them with clever solutions. They know how to ask the right questions to help prospects discover their reasons to change.

Sound interesting? Here are some occupations in this field:

Sales Development Representative

Sales development representatives are inside sales reps who solely focus on outbound prospecting. They help with the lead qualification process, which allows account executives to focus on closing deals instead of prospecting.

Account Executive

Account executives serve as the direct link between the customer or client and the company providing the service or product. They foster healthy relationships with clients to ensure successful implementation of the product and encourage future.

Sales Engineer

Sales engineers translate and explain complicated technical information to customers and clients, focusing on revealing how a product can solve specific problems. They also confer with customers and engineers to assess equipment needs and to determine system requirements.

A Sales Development Representative's day might include:

8:00 AM
Grab a cup of coffee and send reminders to today's list of meeting and demo calls
Format list of prospects and upload to our CRM (customer relationship management software)
Hop on a call with the sales engineer to explain a new technical integration that will solve the prospective client's need
12:00 PM
Design and mockup new product feature for next release
Prep for the next prospecting call by researching the individual, their company, and their competitors
Commit to a solid two hours of calling potential prospects and scheduling demos
Start sourcing new prospects for tomorrow's calls

You could work at a company like:

Meet Margarita Pantoja-Barnes, SDR at Renaissance Electronic Services
Employer: Renaissance Electronic Services Job Title: Sales Development Representative Education: BA Psychology Double Minor in Criminal Justice and Spanish Hometown: East Windsor, CT Current City: Carmel, IN What led you to your getting into tech and this occupation? What was your first job in tech? My interest in the Indy tech community was first sparked...
Meet McHale Gardiner, Client Support Specialist at Springbuk
In his sales job as a Client Support Specialist with Indy tech company Springbuk, TechPoint Sales Bootcamp grad McHale Gardiner shares how people who are new to tech sales and hungry for success can find big wins.
Meet Fabian Rodriguez, Sales Development Rep at PERQ
After his experience in the TechPoint Sales Bootcamp program, Fabian Rodriguez took on his first job in tech at PERQ as a sales development rep, generating new potential avenues of revenue for the company.
Meet Meggie Dials, Regional VP of Sales at Salesforce
Meggie Dials shares her career path from ExactTarget to Salesforce and why she's continued to thrive with the company in a sales role.
Meet Lee Morgan, Senior Custom Solutions Engineer at Mimir
Lee Morgan's business experience and career path took him from corporate finance to tech. He joined TechPoint's Sales Bootcamp program, which led him to a sales career at fast-growing startup Mimir.
Meet Sam Hay, Account Executive at Costello
Sam took a chance on Sales Bootcamp. Now, he's a full time Account Executive at Costello, a rising startup focused on improving the sales process.

Educational requirements could include:

Education varies on the position, but either a high school degree or a bachelor’s degree are preferred. Sales can, however, be self-taught.

Ready to see some jobs?

Business Development Representative

Indianapolis, Indiana
0-2 Years,

Account Executive

Mesh Systems
Indianapolis, IN
3-5 Years,

Business Development Manager

Cornerstone Information Systems
Bloomington, IN
3-5 Years,

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