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Inclusively Building Mid-Level Talent

Equip tech and business skilled professionals with ready-to-use tactics and tools to effectively manage both projects and people.

Leadership Academy Overview

This cohort-based learning program focuses on providing people managers, project managers, and those aspiring to manage people and projects with skills in key management and professional areas, including:

• communication and collaboration
project management
employee lifecycle management
employee engagement
financial acumen
diversity, equity, inclusion
practical skills application

TechPoint Leadership Academy delivers curriculum via eight (8) in-person all-day sessions, which are held at TechPoint and The AMP at the 16 Tech Innovation District near downtown Indianapolis. 

A typical session will feature training sessions and discussion panels in the morning, and project work, mentoring, and coaching in the afternoon. 

Building Diverse Tech Leadership

Is your organization frequently challenged when it comes to retaining and advancing mid-level talent–especially diverse talent?  Our program benefits the Indiana tech ecosystem by increasing the leadership capacity of mid-managers with an emphasis on individuals from underrepresented communities. 

In-Person Networking.

Participants will network in-person and build relationships with both our experienced session facilitators and each other. 

Esteemed Mentors.

Participants will network with diverse panelists and speakers who will share real-life experiences, management approaches, and solutions from their deep experience working in tech and tech-enabled organizations. 

Hands-On Projects.

Participants will bring a real-life, work-related professional development project to complete throughout the program, culminating in a capstone presentation to the cohort.  

Personal Coaching.

Participants will receive coaching and mentoring support for their development project via afternoon sessions focused on projects and participant-identified topics.  

Learning Goals for Participants

TechPoint Leadership Academy

Find Your “Why” and Lead Authentically

  • Differentiate between management and leadership
  • Build self-knowledge via tools and self-reflection; and, learn how to work effectively with others
  • Build confidence in management abilities and conquer self-doubt
  • Learn and practice effective time management and prioritization skills 
  • Practice strategies for self-care, personal health, and well-being

Communication, Collaboration, and Project Management

  • Learn to cast a vision and gain buy-in from a team and other stakeholders
  • Learn and practice communication techniques for difficult conversations
  • Learn the language of technology and the language of business and how to translate between the two
  • Learn strategies for building and maintaining positive relationships with leaders and peers, especially when conflicts arise
  • Analyze the benefits of different project management approaches and learn best practices to ensure project success
  • Practice effective presentation, facilitation, and public speaking skills Embrace the power of networking

Management and Leadership

  • Learn what an emotionally intelligent leader looks like and practice strategies for leading with emotional intelligence 
  • Effectively manage a team budget and headcount
  • Learn how to hire the right talent for a team
  • Effectively manage performance throughout the employee lifecycle
  • Learn how to build and foster an inclusive environment where all voices are welcomed and heard
  • Learn techniques for effectively managing remote employees
  • Learn techniques for building engagement, creativity, and innovation on a team

2023 Cohort Schedule


  • Introductions / icebreakers 
  • Self-reflection / find your “why” 
  • Goal-setting for the program
  • Knowing yourself as a leader
  • Development of personal growth plan 
    Discussion of projects and professional project plan 
  • Panel: Local leaders’ stories about their professional paths and lessons learned 
  • Happy Hour: Program kick-off 

Day 2

  • Authentic self-confidence and conquering self-doubt 
  • Time management and prioritization 
  • Self-care, personal health and well being 
  • Panel: Imposter syndrome, tips and tricks for prioritizing time, how to avoid “manager burnout,” taking time for self-care and project work time 

Day 3

  • Casting a vision and gaining buy-in 
  • Crucial / difficult conversations and productive conflict  
  • Communicating tech: tailoring your message to maximize influence 
  • Panel: Navigating difficult conversations and political situations 

Day 4

  • Building positive relationships with leaders and peers 
  • Building and leading effective presentations 
  • Planning and facilitating effective meetings 
  • Panel: The Power of Networking 
  • Happy Hour: Networking session with TechPoint members  

Day 5

  • Leading with emotional intelligence 
  • Managing your team’s budget and workforce plan 
  • Managing departmental budgets 
  • Attracting and hiring top talent for your team 
  • Panel: Leading Through Change 

Day 6

  • The matrix: managing projects and people 
  • Portfolio management 
  • Managing performance throughout the employee lifecycle
  • Panel: The most challenging aspects of managing performance  

Day 7

  • Building employee engagement  
  • Building and supporting inclusive teams 
  • Managing remotely: how to maximize engagement while miles apart 
  • Panel: Leading Through Change 


  • Guided self-reflection: where are you now? How have you grown? 
  • Project presentations 
  • Graduation ceremony 
  • Celebration and internal networking   
  • Participant evaluation 

Future Cohort Dates

Fall Cohort 2023 Dates:

August 31, 2023 – December 14, 2023

Cohort gatherings will take place approximately every two weeks, for a total of eight sessions.

Meet Our Leadership Academy Speakers and Panelists

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