DemandJump raises $6 million, stakes its claim as customer acquisition disruptor

DemandJump’s recent announcement of a $6 million Series A round is more fuel for the company and its product that have been undergoing tremendous growth in a short amount of time. The oversubscribed raise will help prepare DemandJump to bring on more tech talent and innovate in new ways. With growing headcount and capital, DemandJump […]

DeveloperTown brings startup-style innovation to ‘non-tech,’ established companies

As news of Indiana’s tech boom reaches a fever pitch, there’s a hidden effect that’s gone almost completely unnoticed. Many Indiana companies, even the largest and farthest from the tech scene, are creating software like a startup. Whether that’s Cummins moving beyond the engine with their digital accelerator, or Republic Airlines investing deeply in making […]

Good timing and a purpose-built platform are driving Bolstra’s success

Fast-growing customer success platform company Bolstra announced last month that it closed a $1.5 million seed funding round and that software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry veteran Steve Ehrlich joined the company as chief operating officer. Returning investors include Allos Ventures, 4G Ventures, Collina Ventures, and others. First time investor in Bolstra, VisionTech Angels also contributed to the […] is pioneering a new category: Tactile Marketing Automation

There’s an emerging multi-billion dollar industry that marketers and sales pros are already allocating budgets to — even if they don’t quite know what to call it yet. Sending direct mail and dimensional packages (often items with a FedEx label) are bread and butter tactics for marketers and sales teams, but integrating them with digital […]

Allegion might be the largest cutting-edge tech company you didn’t know existed

As a somewhat in-the-know tech insider, I’m generally aware of the big players in my city. However, following a recent interview with executives at Allegion and a visit to their Americas regional headquarters and new technology center, I discovered I was missing out on one of the coolest (and largest) tech companies in the area! […]

Counterpart — A brand new name for software development 25 years in the making

Counterpart is a custom software solutions company that takes its name to heart. They don’t build extravagant enterprise applications when a client needs something much more streamlined, and they refer about a million dollars worth of work to other local businesses every year because they care more about “fit” than financials. Relationships and the work […]

BidPal rebrands as OneCause, prepares to reinvent fundraising (again)

An incredible Indianapolis tech success story started a decade ago when BidPal launched its mobile bidding solution that replaced paper bid sheets for silent auctions with handheld devices and local mobile networks. With more than 13,000 fundraising events and $1.2 billion — you read that right, “billion” — charitable dollars raised on behalf of nonprofit […]
Virtusa named "Most Innovative Technology Company of the Year”

Virtusa stakes its claim as the leader in innovation-as-a-service

Technological advances like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, serverless and microservices architectures, and even trendy blockchain are changing the way we do business dramatically and forever. The world is smaller and more accessible and the same time more complex with an accelerated pace of change difficult to manage. It’s a daunting task […]