OurHealth on a mission to save employers $1 billion

I have one of the coolest jobs-in-tech in Indiana. Every week I get to meet with and write about the people, products and companies that are disrupting industries, revolutionizing the way we do things and changing lives. Recently I sat down with OurHealth leaders Jeff Wells (president & co-founder), Sherry Slick (CIO), and Chad Ashcraft […]

Kronos celebrates 40 years of innovation and service plus five years in Indianapolis

In a very short time, workforce software and solutions innovator Kronos Incorporated has grown from being the new guys in town to a thriving operation employing 250 Kronites in Indianapolis and counting. “We are, of course, a technology provider, but who we are as a company is much greater,” said Kristina Lengyel, Vice President – […]

Vibenomics – revolutionizing marketing messaging for location-based businesses

Great technology startup ideas can come from anywhere. The subject of this week’s Featured Company of the Week came from the waiting room of a high-end car wash! Brent Oakley worked in medical sales for nearly 15 years before he took a leap of faith in himself in 2012 and started his own business, which […]

myCOI loves what its customers loathe, and its fueling rapid growth

It’s possible that it’s just the nature of tech entrepreneurs to identify problems and come up with creative solutions. The Indianapolis tech community, however, seems to me to have more than it’s fair share of startups and scale-ups that have taken seemingly mundane and complex business functions, (one founder even called his company “boring”), and […]

DoubleMap – culture built on trust, transparency and putting people first

If you keep up with awards programs and “fastest growing” lists, then you’ve heard of the transit technology scale-up company DoubleMap. They provide software that enhances the rider experience and improves operational efficiency  of transit systems at 150+ universities, municipalities, corporations, events, and airports worldwide, and their list of accrued honors is impressive. DoubleMap grew […]

Emplify takes the guessing out of employee engagement

As the celebrated management thinker Peter Drucker says, “You manage what you measure.” Drucker means that you can’t know whether or not you are successful unless success is defined and tracked. Imagine a CEO explaining to her stakeholders that tracking sales or customer satisfaction is kind of hard and messy, so she’s just going to […]

SEP: the community of employee-owners who take on the big software development challenges

I parked on the street and walked into the Center for the Performing Arts building in Carmel, Ind., which isn’t what I was expecting when I set out to interview a couple of high-tech software executives. But when the elevator doors opened at the top floor, I was definitely in the right place — if […]

How SmarterHQ has become the leader in behavioral marketing

SmarterHQ lives in a market that is growing faster than anything we’ve seen recently in economic terms. We’re talking smartphone adoption fast (but faster1), with triple-digit spending growth over the next three years in marketing analytics — quantitative data about customer behavior and marketplace activities. Beyond just capturing the data, SmarterHQ’s intelligent behavioral marketing platform […]