Student Connections is helping solve big problems and changing lives

Tech jobs are hot. Tech sector growth is making headlines from coast to coast and Indianapolis is home to some of the fastest tech jobs growth in the nation, which is great. This exciting growth, however, is not limited to software developers and other highly technical roles. It’s not just for those companies we easily […]

WorkHere is revolutionizing the hiring process starting with Indiana

Business leaders encounter a variety of challenges, but ask about the biggest pain points they face today and it’s a good bet you’ll get an earful about how difficult it is to hire and retain great employees. “If you think about how most job boards work today, they are pretty much all based on the […]

Levementum fueled its rapid growth with experienced Indy talent

Levementum made headlines last year when the enterprise software consultancy announced it was opening official offices in Indianapolis and creating up to 175 new jobs as part of its fast-growing Salesforce Marketing Cloud practice. Though its new home in The Union 525 and impressive list of B2C clients like global retailers, film and TV studios, […]

Zylo poised for fast, significant growth as industry outlier

Zylo launched as a High Alpha venture studio company a little over a year ago, built its unique software product through the summer, and won its first few customers in the fall 2016. The company’s first-year history reads like a prototypical startup success story on the surface, but some key entrepreneurial differences have set Zylo […]

Carbonite feels right at home among Indy’s problem solvers

The era of Indianapolis being a city of “best kept secrets” is over. So over. Nowhere is that more obvious than within the tech community, which has amassed more than 20 acquisitions or IPOs over the last 10 years and unleashed $7 billion in market value. Carbonite (NASDAQ: CARB) — the Boston-based data protection company […]

Bolstra pivoted to disruptor role in customer success

One of the biggest pain points out there for the $200+ billion software-as-a-service (SaaS) market is churn. As soon as a sale is made, it’s a race to get that new customer onboarded and show value so they gain a commitment to the solution and become a long-time part of the SaaS company’s recurring revenue. […]

Salesforce inspired these Indy-based companies to Pledge 1%, now you can too

You already know about part of Salesforce’s impact in Indiana — the software giant is creating more than 800 new jobs and 500 new apprenticeships, and investing $40 million that’s causing a ripple effect of growth and prosperity in the state’s tech sector. What you might not know is that the Pledge 1% movement, a […]

Text-based interviewing pioneers launch Canvas platform, apps

According to the 2017 Yello Recruiting Study, if your goal is to hire the best Millennial and Gen Z employees — which, let’s face it, that’s pretty much everybody’s goal in today’s tech and tech-enabled recruiting landscape — time is your enemy and texting is your friend with these workforce generations. The study of 1,400 […]