Many of the skills veterans gained during their service make them ideal candidates for jobs in tech, especially healthcare tech management.

How Military Experience Prepares Veterans for a Healthcare Technology Management Career 

Military members gain valuable experience during their service that opens countless career opportunities in the civilian job market. One excellent match is healthcare technology management, a career path in which I have seen hundreds of veterans thrive through my work at TRIMEDX. Service in the armed forces provides the technical expertise necessary for healthcare technology […]
Brad Bostic Hc1 The Rise and Future of Health-Tech

Brad Bostic | hc1: The Rise (and Future) of Health-Tech

We talk to Brad Bostic, founder and CEO of hc1. Founded in 2011, hc1 is a cloud-based software company transforming lab data into personalized healthcare insights. Brad has ventures ranging from multiple health-tech companies to a VC firm, and even a health-tech SPAC. A career entrepreneur, Brad shares his story and his motivation for focusing […]
NearWave Team After Winning Innovation of the Year Mira Award in 2021

NearWave Revisited: ‘We won’t win’ is common misconception among past Mira Award winners

The Mira Awards celebrate the best of tech in Indiana, but after the awards are announced at the gala and the cameras have shut down, what happens next? For NearWave, winner of the Innovation of the Year Mira Award during TechPoint’s 22nd annual gala, it has been continued hard work and steady successes in their […]