Meet Kelly Wilson, Director of Marketing and PR at SEP

Katie found her first job in tech through networking, and 11 years later, she's still enjoying life at SEP. Read about her journey and hear her tips for new grads on how to be a great marketer in tech.
Meghann York of Salesforce speaking with her colleagues

Meet Meghann York, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce

Meghann knows the acquisition process twice now from her experience at iGoDigital, ExactTarget and now Salesforce. Read her story to learn about her path from startup to scale-up to enterprise marketing in tech.

Meet Sam Hay, Account Executive at Costello

Sam took a chance on Sales Bootcamp. Now, he's a full time Account Executive at Costello, a rising startup focused on improving the sales process.
Mat Gangwer Profile

From intern to CTO: Mat Gangwer of Rook Security

During his time at Rook Security, Mat has instilled a lot of confidence in his co-workers. So much so, he didn’t actually opt-in to the role of CTO; his co-workers elected him for the position.

Dave Duke has a thing for making customers happy

Dave Duke is thankful for his family, his career, and being part of the tech community in Indy, especially since it could have turned out very differently.