How placemaking helped Fort Ben reinvent itself without losing itself

Indianapolis has long attracted technology companies to its central core, but several areas of concentration have emerged in nearby neighborhoods and communities. Since the closure of the Fort Benjamin Harrison military post just 14 miles northeast of downtown Indianapolis in the 1990s, Fort Ben has been organically attracting technology firms to its burgeoning campus.  Now […]

#FortBenTech Campus and City of Lawrence win Rising Tech City Mira Award

The Fort Ben Tech Campus and City of Lawrence won the Rising Tech City Mira Award during TechPoint’s 21st annual Mira Awards gala honoring the best of tech in Indiana. The mix of unique, historic structures and amenities that dot the Fort Ben campus sets it apart from other cultural districts and communities. After almost […]

Meet the Rising Tech City Award Nominees for the 2020 Mira Awards

The Rising Tech City award honors a city, town, region or community within the state of Indiana and celebrates the projects and the people behind them who have championed the location’s advancement with particular emphasis on tech friendliness.