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Feb 16

CTF Saturday

Hosted by Secure Indy

Event Details

Saturday, February 16, 2019
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Union 525
525 S. Meridian , Indianapolis, IN 46201

Event Description

What is this?
- This is an information security Capture The Flag event.

What should you expect?
- This will be a group learning environment. There is not a single specific instructor to help you work through a specific CTF, or give you the commands needed. It is a collaborative effort with a wide range of skill levels that is ever evolving. The goal of this is to learn for yourself, get ideas from other people, or do the research needed to properly understand how to tackle a given scenario. If you don't understand, feel nervous about attempting, or are just not sure how to get started people can help, or just feel free to watch, and ask questions. The CTFs are usually previously released, and will generally have guides that people have created for walkthroughs. We try not to rely on the guides, but they can help get us over a hurdle if someone is truly stuck.

What should you bring?
- Your laptop with your a power cord, and maybe an extension cable (depending on the location).
- The latest and updated version of Kali that is functional to the internet, or your host laptop network.
- Virtualization software if you choose to do that, VMware, or VirtualBox.
- Familiarity with linux commands
- Some snacks, or sodas (if you want, I'll be probably bringing some stuff to share).

The purpose of this event is to learn the skills needed to go through vulnerable VMs, and possibly participate in a CTFs. Ideally, we try not to use too many automated tools in order to fully understand what we are doing (see OSCP test rules for further information).

From previous meetings, it is really easy to burn away 3 or 4 hours of the day just trying to configure, and install VirtualBox/VMware, then trying to get it to communicate across VMs. At least give it a solid attempt beforehand. We've all had problems configuring, so please come anyway.

It is a great learning experience, and everyone is welcome.

We will be targeting This is a fun free site, and has various levels of complexity. If you haven't worked with this site before, getting in, and registering is a bit of a fun adventure. As the website says "Feel free to hack your way in :)".

Environment - HackTheBox