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Mar 3

Be the First to Explore the Most Advanced Cyber Defense Center in Indianapolis

Hosted by Ravi Kumar, President of Infosys

Event Details

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Infosys Cyber Defense Center
One American Square Suite# 2200, Indianapolis, IN 46282

Event Description

Infosys Events

Join discussions with experts, analysts, practitioners and users of cyber security to debate and discuss the various possibilities for cyber strategies to protect your digital investments.

At the Inauguration and Tour of the Infosys Cyber Defense Center in Indianapolis, you will learn:

* Experiential insights about how enterprises are navigating the growing complexities of cybersecurity

* Understand the hacker counterview and learn for yourself preventive strategies, from those who’ve been there, done that

* Aided by both demos and insightful walkthrough, get a ringside view into investments that Infosys is making in the U.S, specifically Indiana, to accelerate cyber protection

*How to gain access to complimentary workshops and consultation sessions, following the inauguration, to accelerate your own cybersecurity agenda


We’d love to have you, and members of your team, join us at 8 30 am for the events of the day and for lunch thereafter at 12 noon.

Lunch is followed by a 60 minute OPTIONAL LIVE ENTERPRISE WORKSHOP to learn how you can develop secure ways to bring to your company start-up-like responsiveness, increase innovation and build new digital-powered ways of working.


DOWNLOAD THE AGENDA for the day and learn more about the experts who’ll join us.