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Jan 8

Startup Row Pitch Event Indy

Hosted by IndyPy

Event Details

Tuesday, January 8, 2019
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Main Event Entertainment
4016 E 82nd St. , Indianapolis, IN 46250

Event Description

After San Francisco, London, Seattle and Montreal, Indianapolis has been selected to be the next venue for the internationally renowned Startup Row pitch competition!

On January 8th, 2019, IndyPy will host a special Python User Group meetup and partner with Startup Row to select a Python-powered startup from the Midwest. The winner will exhibit at PyCon 2019, next to sponsors such as Microsoft, Anaconda, and JetBrains.

We are looking for companies to pitch at the event. Submissions are open until December 18th. If you’d like to submit your company to compete, please apply at:

Don’t miss it!

IndyPy presents: Startup Row Pitch Competition
January 8th, 7pm
Main Event Entertainment, Indianapolis, IN
$10 admission fee - Paid at door
Limited seating

Since 2011 Startup Row has been a part of the vibrant PyCon experience, and has given engineer-founders and their teams the opportunity to showcase their products, receive high quality feedback and connect with leaders in the Python engineering community.

Organizations selected for Startup Row will have the opportunity to exhibit at PyCon 2019. This exposure had led to millions of dollars in funding for participating companies. Groups like Docker got their kick-start from exhibiting on Startup Row.


7:00p - 7:15p Announcements and introductions

7:15p - 7:30p PBJ Session
Felix Wyss

7:30p - 7:45p Right Brain Talk
How To Pitch Your Startup by Wes Winham
You've spent hundreds hours thinking about your startup. You see the potential to make a dent in the universe. You know your customers, their challenges, and your competitors. You have traction. But now... you have 5 minutes to communicate the immense complexity of what you do to a person with almost no prior knowledge. How do you help them to understand? How do you help them care? We'll walk through the process of pitching investors from getting the meeting, to telling your story, to following up and creating fear of missing out (FOMO).

7:45p - 8:00p Door Prizes

8:00p - 8:45p Pro Talk
Anvil: Web Apps with Nothing but Python by Meredydd Luff
Building for the modern web is complicated and error-prone: a typical web app requires five different languages and four or five frameworks just to get started. Wouldn't it be nicer if we could do it all in Python? Anvil is platform where you can design your page visually, write your browser-side and server-side code in pure Python, and even set up a built-in database in seconds. In this talk, Meredydd will walk us through how Anvil works under the hood, and the challenges and design decisions of building a programming system that's easy to use without sacrificing power.

8:45p - 10:00pm Startup Row Pitch Competition