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Sep 15

The future of healthcare is here: human-to-human experiences – Featuring Dr. Eric Topol and Glenn Weinstein

Hosted by Twilio

Event Details

Wednesday, September 15, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Twilio Virtual
1210 Waterway Blvd, Suite 5000 , Indianapolis, 46202

Event Description

Join us for a special online event about meeting people where they want and how they want
A conversation with Dr. Eric Topol and Glenn Weinstein about reimagining the patient experience

Throughout the past year, healthcare organizations of all sizes have seen a rapid acceleration of digital innovation initiatives to meet patients where they are. From virtual visits to proactive vaccine outreach, we're paving the way for a newly reimagined delivery system and patient experience.

The notion of "meeting patients where they are" has been around for years and now healthcare organizations have the tools and the environment to truly make this possible. Join Glenn Weinstein and Dr. Eric Topol , one of the leading voices in digital health innovation, for a dynamic conversation about how organizations are moving from transactional patient encounters to true human-to-human experiences.

This conversation will explore the new digital tools available to healthcare organizations, where healthcare is going now that the landscape has evolved, and what else is needed for the healthcare industry to continue on this trajectory of digital transformation.

During this event, you'll learn:
How healthcare organizations are reimagining patient engagement to better integrate with people's everyday lives
How the healthcare landscape has evolved and what organizations are doing to continue innovating
Unique circumstances and challenges healthcare organizations will need to address post-pandemic to equitably engage and empower their communities