TIP-TOP Workshops (Featuring EOS)



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Tuesday, November 28, 2017, 8:30-11:30AM

TIP-TOP, which is an acronym that stands for The Incredibly Powerful Traction Optimization Program … are super fun, highly informative, interactive workshops [faciliated by Scott Abbott] … that help business owners and leadership teams: review and assess the fitness of your company … gain helpful insights, tips and techniques … and at the same time, learn and evaluate the Entrepreneurial Operating System [also known as EOS].

EOS is an extraordinarily simple, but incredibly effective business building and management “operating system”. It sets, drives and delivers the essential structure, attributes and mechanics for success: especially within startups, small and midsize companies. EOS empowers everyone to be on the same-page as to where the business is going, and why; what it needs to do, by who and when; and how it gets managed, measured and reported.

It’s a proven system [14+ years & 40,000+ companies] that elevates individual and collective accountability, whereby everyone can clearly determine and document their goals, progress and issues – and focus their time, skills and assets where they have the most impact. EOS makes it much easier to build agile, healthy, cohesive teams and talent … and for organizations to achieve their maximum potential. (Think of EOS as “how” you achieve your “why”.)

To learn more, watch this fun video:

But wait, it gets even better. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors and sponsor host at Prysm … you are invited to atttend one of these TIP-TOP Workshops, as our guest; free of charge. [To note, typically most companies pay $1,500+ for private TIP-TOP Workshops. That said, and in lieu of you having to spend any money on this, we’d like to suggest that you make a small donation to your favorite charity; your call].

So now, it’s time to:
– Pick a date that works best.
– Tell a friend and colleague.
– Register, as seating is limited.