Senior Paid Social Media Strategist

AdverankMarketing 3-5 Years

Job Description

Adverank seeks a Senior Paid Social Media Ad Strategist to create, optimize, analyze, and report on paid social media campaigns. This individual should have extensive experience in digital marketing, with a strong emphasis on social advertising and analytics. Our Senior Paid Social Media Ad Strategist will take charge of campaigns across channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as use new and popular targeting techniques to find the ideal customer profile. We want to hear your ideas and strategies along the way. To be the perfect fit for this role, you should be an experienced pro at driving paid advertising on social media platforms. Plus, you will need top skills in analytics and reporting – so you can show off your magic moves! This isn’t just any job - it’s an opportunity to shape the future of advertising with Adverank. So if you think you’re up to the task, please apply today or DM us on social!

Developing social media ad campaigns targeted at achieving specific objectives such as brand awareness, website traffic, or lead generation.
Managing daily operations related to all aspects of online media buying (e.g., research, analysis, budget tracking)
Determining creative direction for ad copy/design by producing creative briefs in collaboration with the creative team
Utilizing analytical tools to create reliable reports tracking campaign performance
Optimizing campaigns against pre-determined KPIs by A/B testing various tactics (e.g., ad copy/creative variations)
Continuously researching new platforms & technologies to identify opportunities for growth.

3+ years of experience in social media advertising
Proficiency in using multiple social media ad platforms such as Facebook, Linked IN, Spotify, and Twitter Ads Manager
Strong proficiency in reporting analytics & ability to manipulate large datasets
Excellent project management skills; able to manage multiple timelines while maintaining accuracy & detail orientation
Proven track record of driving ROI through optimized targeting, ad placements & bidding strategies

Posted On

May 8, 2023