Senior Software Engineer

AfterSchool HQProduct Development 6-8 Years


C#, .net

Job Description

As a Senior Software Engineer at AfterSchool HQ you will work on building our software products and working with our full development team to ensure overall quality. You will report directly to the CEO / Head of Product and work with our product team as well to design and develop new features for the AHQ Platform.

You will primarily work on being our core back-end engineer developing APIs, libraries, etc. You will also be responsible for the overall software architecture and overseeing its implementation.

Our main stack at AfterSchool HQ is .NET framework and our new mobile application which will utilize a .NET 5.0 API using C# as our core language. Our goal is to migrate to our new stack as we continue to build out our mobile experience.

Skills Required:
Strong problem-solving skills coupled with demonstrated ability to take initiative and critically analyze processes and procedures in a push toward constant improvement
Experience through the full software cycle of requirements, design, coding/testing, rollout, and deployment of best practices in delivering world-class software and services
Organized, detail-oriented, and extremely thorough while possessing the confidence and communication skills necessary to ensure work processes are completed accurately and effectively
Able to dive deep into new technologies and learn quickly
Able to prioritize, lead discussions, and coordinate objectives among a diversified group of stakeholders
Strong debugging skills diagnose and root cause issues across the entire stack
Able to maintain a positive attitude and respond to requests in a timely manner
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Able to work well independently and as part of a team
Proficient in C# and .NET technologies
Familiar with AWS and devops processes
Some experience with Reactjs and other front end technologies

We are a social impact EdTech Startup and we are looking for individuals that desire to make an impact. As a Startup our early team members are expected to quickly learn new skills and flex in and out of various roles. If this sounds exciting to you, then this may be a great opportunity for you to pursue.

Education & Experience:
5-7 years of development experience
College degree not required

Employment Offering:
This position is a salaried position with a range of $75k - $105k. Equity compensation is also a consideration.

Remote Position

Posted On

September 21, 2021