Database Technician

Baker HillData Science 0-2 Years

Job Description

- Implement database production for small to complex clients
- Prepare monthly databases
- Process report cycles and all other deliverables
- Implement and audit production of deliverables and ensure accurate delivery to clients
- Publish online databases for clients
- Communicate to clients the availability of new database and other deliverables
- Ensure quality and timely production
- Implement on‐going changes to databases
- Work with Client to Determine Change requests
- Track change requests to ensure implementation
- Notify client and determine if conversion modifications are required
- Modify conversion routines to meet change requirements
- Receive and track corrected files if modifications are not required
- Audit changes as part of ongoing audit process to ensure correctness
- Implement set‐up for new databases, using clients data
- Integrate clients extracts to database structure using variety of ETL tools
- Maintain and develop in-house data extracting application.
- Maintain and develop custom reports

Posted On

June 8, 2021