Technical Account Manager

Baker HillSupport 3-5 Years

Job Description

• Review internal process, recommend and develop changes to improve systems efficiency, automation, and/or effectiveness.
• Assess project complexity and estimate development and implementation time frame.
• Document and communicate complex solutions to internal and external clients in a timely fashion.
• Participate in client or management meeting with technical presentations and/or input.
• Communicate and consult with internal and external clients about technical needs/support/issues.
• May manipulate client data and create project code and expedite processing.
• Assist with team leadership roles and mentor new team members.
• May Maintain and publish comprehensive project plans and schedules.
• Partner with internal team members and client business partners to analyze problems and provide insight and analysis to business problems.
• Contribute to continuous improvements by identifying ways to optimize resource and pc capacity.
• Responsible for tracking change requests and high severity incidents.
• Develop and maintain effective strong working relationships with clients and service/sales team.
• May perform complex database tasks and maintenance as required.
• May be involved in pre-sales processes as required.

Posted On

September 24, 2019