Solutions Architect / Developer

C2IT Consulting, Inc.Software/Product Development

Job Description

The Solutions Architect / Developer (“Employee) will be responsible for helping the sales team investigate client needs and properly documenting a plan to bring them to life. This may include determining a specific set of objectives and requirements need to achieve those objectives. It may also include taking customer-provided requirements and crafting a technical plan around those requirements to bring them to life.

The employee must have a solid understanding of modern software and web architecture, be able to grow into an understanding of the value C2IT brings and the strengths of our team, and have the ability to translate customer needs into a path forward that can be documented, budgeted, set on a calendar with milestones, and executed in a satisfactory fashion.

This employee will be responsible, on the mobile app and custom-software side of the business specifically, for identifying data-centric models and requirements, documenting database requirements and structures, and assisting with the setup of both development and production environments for our clients’ projects.

In a nutshell, this employee will take projects from a concept to a clearly documented project plan, assist with the development of that project plan, and bring client ideas to life.

Posted On

April 17, 2018