Senior Software Engineer, Portal Team

CarboniteSoftware/Product Development

Job Description

We have an immediate opening for a Senior Software Engineer with strong technical and communication skills, a passion for learning and building high-quality software, and the ability to work well both within a team and with other teams. As a Senior Software Engineer on the Carbonite Server Backup (CSB) Portal team, you will be part of the agile team responsible for designing, development, and maintenance of Carbonite’s Server Backup Portal, Management server and related APIs. Your focus will be on delivering features aimed at expanding the capabilities of CSB Portal to address the needs of Carbonite and its partners.

Specific Objectives & Responsibilities:

Your First Three Months:

*Learn about Carbonites culture and values
*Gain a broad understanding of our server backup product
*Gain familiarity with our Portal and Management Server, APIs, their architecture, codebase, development process and CI pipeline
*Begin to contribute to basic feature work, bug fixes and peer code reviews
*Assertively work to grow both technically and personally

Three to Six Months and Beyond:

*Continue to deepen familiarity with and understanding of our codebase and product
*Begin working on more complex features
*Actively participate in feature design discussions and decisions
*Begin to contribute to improvements in team culture, practice, and process
*Continue working to grow both technically and personally
*Question everything!

Posted On

April 24, 2018