Senior Software Engineer

CastedProduct Development 6-8 Years



Job Description

What We’re Looking For
An experienced software engineer who loves building products. Hopefully you love making those products on Google Cloud, like we do, but even if you don’t, we’re hiring for what you can know, not just what’s in your head right now. We’re curious people and want to work with those that are equally into learning.

We will treat you like an owner and expect the opinions and passion of someone who owns this challenge with us.

Bullets points of stuff we’re looking for:

Experience building and shipping scalable software products using cloud providers like GCP, AWS, or Azure

Knowledge of software development best practices utilizing modern languages like NodeJS, Go or similar

Proficiency of modern develops technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Functions, or similar

Ability to work collaboratively but able to own a project with minimal guidance

Familiarity with modern software development processes

Ability to learn quickly by building in quick iterations

Understanding of testing and the reason for it

Casted is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we consider diversity paramount to our success.

What You’ll Do
Play a keystone role in bringing the product vision to life. You’ll work closely with designers, developers, and founders to architect how we build the product. As a key member of the team, you’ll also share opinions and contribute to what we build, as well as how, when, and why.

Some bullets points about what a day might look like:

Participate in the product selection workflow, including shaping ideas, highlighting risks, and voting on what goes into dev cycles

Scope tickets and communicate complexity and feasibility

Develop micro services and deploy them in cloud funcs or kubernetes services

Write tests and documentation

Research and code new ideas in quick iterations

Analyze existing code and stack for optimizations and make recommendations

Posted On

March 11, 2020