Student Success Representative: Full-Time

Combined CuriosityCustomer Success 3-5 Years

Job Description

This HYBRID, FULL-TIME position has openings for Monday - Friday. If you love helping people achieve their dreams, keep reading and check out our website to learn more!

As one of Combined Curiosity’s Student Success Representatives, you can…
> Assist students across the globe as they tackle the road blocks that stop them from pursuing their dreams
> Serve customers across multiple brands and hobby categories... This means that you'll learn constantly and be continually exposed to new information!
> Investigate, identify, and implement strategies for improving the student experience across all of our brands
> Enact change! This is not a "do as instructed" role, you have the ability to help create processes, build brands and make decisions to impact our students.

Candidate Qualifications
> Customer-first mentality
> 2+ years of customer support experience, preferably in the digital space
> Exceptional communication skills and an innate ability to encourage even the most frustrated and confused customer
> Proven ability and willingness to problem solve at a systemic level

Posted On

June 8, 2022