Business Intelligence Analyst / Architect

DealMachine L.L.C.Data Science 3-5 Years

Company Information
735 Shelby Street , Indianapolis, IN 46203
Founded in 2017

Job Description


You're reading this because lately you've been thinking "I really want a key role at a high growth 40-person B2B SaaS company and I want that role to allow me to build data integrations between all of the teams internal tools, data warehouse, and app database.” One day you’re integrating a data flow from our app to our internal tools, while another day you’re working with a business intelligence analyst who is creating graphs to identify trends.

If that’s you, you can just go ahead and close your search. This is that role!

If I had to sum YOU up, I'd say you have a computer science background, and at least 5 years of working experience. You have extensive knowledge of SQL, data pipes such as Segment, Snowplow, and RudderStack, and data warehouses such as redshift. You’re very capable of systems integration programming, and are familiar with automated data pipes like Segment. You’re comfortable receiving direct feedback frequently, and you’ll partner with our leadership team to inform future business decisions.

If you love DealMachine and want to help us build a company that changes the way real estate business is done, then you’ve found the right place! We’re looking for incredible people to join our team.

Skills & Responsibilities:

-Meet with company leaders on a one-on-one basis to discuss complex report requirements.
-Input work priorities in Jira.
-Problem-solve data and integration issues.
-Evaluate and be responsible for overall data quality.
-Take over responsibility for the technical components of our data stack.
-Manage primary integration: DealMachine API -> Segment -> Hubspot.
-Manage primary integration: DealMachine API -> Segment -> Intercom.
-Manage primary integration: DealMachine API -> Segment -> Redshift Warehouse.
-Manage primary integration: Mysql App database -> BI software.
-Manage primary integration: Redshift database -> BI software.
-Standardize data formats across our databases and tools.
-Participate with an agile team and their regular ceremonies such as the daily standup and bi-weekly sprints.

Posted On

July 13, 2021