Demand Generation Manager

DealMachine L.L.C.Marketing 6-8 Years

Company Information
735 Shelby Street , Indianapolis, IN 46203
Founded in 2017

Job Description


You're reading this because lately, you've been thinking "I really want a key role at a high growth 40-person B2B SaaS company AND I want that role to allow me to focus on the strategy and execution of paid demand generation.

If that’s you, you can just go ahead and close your search. This is that role!

If I had to sum YOU up, I'd say you’re a practitioner that talks 1-1 with customers every week and documents their greatest needs. You pay attention to what they say and more importantly: how they say it. Then you say those direct phrases right back to them in your retargeting ads. Your prior experience may even be a product management background, and you apply product principles to your marketing prioritization and strategy. You are analytical, so you take this analytical approach to marketing and also meticulously use data to inform your strategy, track attribution, and constantly adjust.

The problems you desperately want to solve: "How can I maximize the 10,000 monthly organic visitors that the company already has on its website? How can I bring back and convert visitors who have bounced while keeping CAC below 50% of LTV and ensuring we have the analytics to prove it?”

If you love DealMachine and want to help us build a product that empowers real estate professionals to find more deals, then you’ve found the right place! We’re always looking for incredible people to join our team.

Skills & Responsibilities:

Own Google analytics and ensure the accuracy of the conversion funnel from website visitor to new signup.
Own a $60,000 ad budget exclusively for paid remarketing efforts.
Own the Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and AdWords paid ad platforms.
Develop and execute short and long-term multi-channel campaigns to remarket to existing leads
Lead A/B test strategies and execution across all channels
Monitor and optimize campaigns and programs
Reference customer personas and know their buying preferences. Keep customer personas up to date on a quarterly basis.
Know the company’s brand and products inside and out
Work within a team of digital marketing professionals and collaborating with other departments, like sales and content, to develop and enhance strategies
Deliver performance reports to the Head of Partnerships
Develop content to target consumers throughout the customer lifecycle
Recommends improvements to product and content teams based on behavioral insights to drive improvements and long-term automation
Conduct user studies and/or focus groups to gain user insights that drive marketing strategies

Posted On

August 20, 2021