Media Specialist – Graphic Designer / Video Editor

DealMachine L.L.C.Design 3-5 Years

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735 Shelby Street , Indianapolis, IN 46203
Founded in 2017

Job Description


In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk: “Every single company out there, whether they know it or not, is a media company in addition to the business or product that they specialize in.

You're reading this because you've been thinking "I really want a graphic design / video editing role at a high growth company that values media, and puts me in charge of creating social posts that will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people to entertain and educate them. I want the freedom to apply the latest design trends in my daily work, and I want to get paid well working with people I’d call my best friends.”

If I had to sum YOU up, I'd say that you’re an unbelievable graphic designer and video editor who spends way more time on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube than you’d like to admit. You love seeing what others are creating, and even more so, you love the challenge of creating the perfect thumbnail, post, or video that gets the most attention, as well as take pride in the quality of the story being told.

This opportunity is for a full-time position. We offer a competitive salary and benefits. Ultimately, we’re looking for a long-term relationship into which we can invest in the media specialist’s growth and training. You should expect a small assignment as part of the application process.

If you love DealMachine and want to help us build a company that changes the way real estate business is done, then you’ve found the right place! We’re looking for incredible people to join our team.

Skills / Responsibilities:

Must have a portfolio that demonstrates strong abilities, standout creative thinking, and exceptional design skills: Adobe Suite Products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premier
Must have experience editing video and creating graphics for social media - with proven results
Able to vary style to meet audience and medium needs
Ability to work independently as part of a team

Posted On

August 20, 2021