Product Manager for SMS/Dialer SaaS Platform

DealMachine L.L.C.Product Development 6-8 Years

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735 Shelby Street , Indianapolis, IN 46203
Founded in 2017


Job does not require specific languages

Job Description

You're reading this because lately, you've been thinking "I really want a key role at a high growth 40-person B2B SaaS company AND I want that role to allow me to sit with real-life potential and actual customers and deeply get to know their life and problems AND also map out solutions via wireframes and specifications so that the engineering team has a visual and the functional picture of what they need to build.
If that’s you, you can just go ahead and close your search. This is that role!

Experience and Responsibilities:
If I had to sum YOU up, I'd say you are a fairly technical person who loves people. You have experience managing an SMS or Dialer product and are familiar with TCPA laws and regulations. You’re also a self-starter who is driven by the satisfaction of leading a project to completion. You’ve spent the first 10 years of your career obsessing over customers and their experience, with at least two years of direct product management experience, and you’ve worked to inspire those around you to do the same. You see life through the lens of priorities, organizing around categories like: high-value/low-cost, high-cost/low-value, high-cost/high-value, and low-value/low-cost. You measure success in your role by how happy customers are, how quickly they are adopting new features, and the retention of your customers over months and years.
The problem you desperately want to solve: "How can the company’s product solve the biggest, most impactful customer problems in a way that maximizes NPS, retention, and adoption while also working within the constraints of time and development resources.”

If you love DealMachine and want to help us build a product that empowers real estate professionals to find more deals, then you’ve found the right place! We’re always looking for incredible people to join our team.

About the Team:
The Product Manager for SMS/Dialer SaaS Platform will report to the Head of Product. The Product Manager for SMS/Dialer SaaS Platform will gather customer and stakeholder feedback, facilitate design and requirement sessions and keep stakeholders informed of progress toward the prioritized product roadmap. The Product Manager for SMS/Dialer SaaS Platform will give the final say in the prioritization of features (yes, really, the buck stops with YOU). The engineering team will be a separate team whose job is to deliver the product roadmap on time and with minimal defects. You can check out the rest of our team and culture over here at

About Us:
DealMachine is the leading technology platform to grow real estate investing operations in the United States. Comprised of Street Engine, List Engine, SMS Engine (coming soon), and a powerful free CRM, DealMachine gives real estate investors the tools they need to grow faster and more effectively.
Our mobile apps have been downloaded more than 200,000 times and we currently serve over 10,000 active members.

Values at DealMachine:

Caring - DealMachine cares about and appreciates every person's contributions. We are all from diverse backgrounds and different cultures and work together as a team to provide excellent service to our members. We often refer to our team and our members as “The DealMachine Family.”

Excellence - Our product focuses on solving problems and providing convenience with excellence. Even more importantly, excellence extends beyond our product and into how we interact with and treat each other and our members.

Growth - DealMachine is focused on our members’ growth and our teams’ growth. We focus on providing continuous value to our members and we have a public feature request page that we listen to. We constantly innovate our product and incorporate the latest technologies. Our mission to our employees is to help each of them grow to meet their 5 and 10 year goals.

Benefits at DealMachine:
Competitive salary: We pay at or above market salary in most cases and we use lots of data to make sure that’s true. ($90,000.00 - $130,000.00 / year)
Health insurance: We cover 100% of the employee premiums and significantly subsidize family plans.
Flexible Work Schedule
Retirement IRA with a 3% company matching.
Great tools: Each employee receives an Apple MacBook laptop and a 27” monitor. We’ll also purchase any of the software or hardware you need.
Complete transparency: Everyone has access to business metrics and financial information about the company.

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January 4, 2021