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Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)Other 0-2 Years

Job Description


The major duties described below reflect the full performance level of this position:

Provides professional accounting advice and assistance in the application and compliance of generally accepted accounting principles, policies, and procedures.

Reviews, analyzes and modifies operating programs, practices, and procedures related to receiving, controlling, validating, recording, and reporting accounting transactions affecting asset, liability, revenue, expense, and budgetary accounts.

Assists in establishing and monitoring internal controls to identify problem areas, determine actions required to improve operating program effectiveness, and ensure and maintain the integrity of financial and accounting information.

Applies knowledge and understanding of automated data processing systems as they apply to accounting systems and "feeder" systems and the ability to deal effectively and logically in solving program/system issues.

Performs special audits, studies, reports and/or, analysis to evaluate the status of the financial health and/or position of accounting operations based on balanced scorecard measurements or indicators.

Duties will be developmental in nature while performing below the full performance level (GS-11).

Posted On

September 13, 2023