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Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)Other 6-8 Years

Job Description


Serves as an expert in providing technical advice and assistance to management and program officials in audit areas of broad scope and mission impact where potentially controversial recommendations are made to resolve highly complex problems.

Plans audits covering broadly related and highly complex functions of DFAS. Develops and writes the audit guide for highly complex DFAS-wide audits.

Prepares complete audit guides/programs or writes and develops segments of guides for DFAS-wide audits. Creates audit proposals to include scope and objectives of prospective audits.

Independently or as a team leader conducts audits of significant scope and mission impact, participates on highly complex audits. Audits are to assess compliance, efficiency and effectiveness of programs where considerable variability exists.

Prepares audit reports or assists in writing segments of complex audit reports which present findings and cite applicable regulations. Identifies causative situations and recommends corrective action for problems of significant complexity.

Analyzes the effectiveness and impact of recommendations issued to correct problems of significant complexity. Reviews management actions in order to determine that previously identified deficiencies have been corrected.

Formally briefs management on interpretations or applicability of data, potential findings and recommendations. Documents and analyzes management’s position on work completed. Maintains security and accountability of classified information.

Posted On

September 13, 2023