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Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)Other 0-2 Years

Job Description


The major duties described below reflect the full performance level of this position:

Serves as a senior staff auditor to conduct audits of significant scope and mission impact on large or highly complex audits. Audits are to assess compliance, efficiency and effectiveness of programs where considerable variability exists.

Plans audits covering broadly related and highly complex functions throughout DFAS. Develops and writes segments of the audit plan for highly complex DFAS-wide or corporate audits.

Briefs management at entrance conferences to explain audit objectives, procedures, and scope, and obtains management's input. Independently conducts audit survey to determine areas for detailed examination.

Independently evaluates management processes and presents facts, conclusions, and recommendations clearly, and logically. Summarizes audit results and addresses management issues surfaced in the audit. Provides recommendations for corrective actions.

Prepares complex audit reports which present findings and cite applicable regulations. Identifies causative situations and recommends corrective action for problems of significant complexity where differing opinions may be strong.

Duties will be developmental in nature while performing below the full performance level of GS-12.

Posted On

September 13, 2023