Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)Finance 6-8 Years

Job Description

Designs and evaluates finance management reports, procedures, and operations encompassing multiple financial management systems and all Department of Defense (DoD) component activities.

Functioning individually, or as a team leader, serves as an expert in finance procedures and policy compliance in the development and implementation of major operating policy and procedural changes.

Reviews variety of financial reports to ensure accuracy of data submitted from operating activities and interprets financial and manpower data to identify trends.
Prepares, updates, and implements standard operating procedures to correct deficiencies in internal controls.

Serves as senior finance analyst to coordinate actions required for the design and maintenance of all parts of an automated financial management system.
Assesses the integration of new computer technology and new means of improving productivity and efficiency of systems.

Thoroughly researches interrelationships of various business management policies and functions, accomplishes coordination with applicable organizations, and ensures consistent system integration.

Posted On

November 16, 2021