IT Specialist (Application Software)

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)Software/Product Development

Job Description

•Uses programming languages to create, modify and maintain software solutions for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.
•Works with functional analysts and senior application software specialists to identify system change requirements in order to develop new functions within an assigned application system or to maintain current production applications.
•Designs modifications to internal program structures in files and records and determines detailed sequence of steps and program logic.
•Prepares test data and assists with functional testing of programs.
•Writes and maintains IT instructions, program maintenance manuals, run time instructions, and other similar documentation.
•Uses advanced testing techniques to diagnose and correct errors in logic and coding.
•Assists in development and design of operating system architecture and capabilities, configuration alternatives, data file management, system utility capabilities, standards and procedures, configuration management, and capacity planning.

Posted On

April 12, 2018