IT Specialist (CUSTSPT)

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)Technical/Customer Support

Job Description

•Responsibility for the local application of systems which operate locally on multiple mid-tier or medium scale mainframe computers as well as on local personal computers.
•Monitors and maintains multi-database applications and interaction between multiple applications.
•Reviews production control logs, system lists and operator messages.
•Installs, verifies, and reports on standard software packages.
•Analyzes systems design deficiencies and modifies appropriate JCL or Control-M jobs to preclude system abends.
•Issues system recovery and/or restart jobs using specific restart jobs such as Control-M or Job Control Language (JCL) Scripts.
•Conducts file and database management by analyzing reports of space utilization for master files within the applications.
•Prepares and provides systems change requests (SCRs) to the programming staff for these problems when warranted.
•Creates necessary procedures, JCl or Control-M jobs to accomplish same for centrally developed systems.
•Provide testing support for SIT, SQT, and SAT testing for assigned applications.

Posted On

April 16, 2018