IT Specialist (Systems Analysis)

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)IT & Cybersecurity 3-5 Years

Job Description


Analyzes plans and evaluates issues with automated financial systems to include management strategies and systems modifications.

Coordinates to ensure system life cycle management methods, procedures, policies and practices are updated and followed.

Assists with or performs studies to monitor, improve or enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of processes or systems.

Participates in systems requirement reviews and coordinates with other technical personnel to clarify requirements.

Reviews System Change Requests (SCRs), Problem Trouble Reports (PTRs) and Test Discrepancy Reports (TDR) to ensure documentation is complete prior to system changes being implemented.

Reviews test events to ensure the system change adheres to requirements and the documentation is filed in the approved repository.

Prepares and monitors system release schedules.

Prepares and maintains all Software Development Lifecycle system documentation and ensures system successfully attains an authority to operate.

Assists with ensuring that current systems maintain the integrity of financial records required by the Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act (FFMIA) and the Federal Information Systems Controls Audit Manual (FISCAM) for all assigned systems.

Provides assistance in preparation of work statements, estimating and evaluation of proposals.

Analyzes functional specifications and coordinates development and maintenance projects with information technology (IT) specialists, project managers, and functional users.

Posted On

June 23, 2022