Lead IT Specialist (Application Software)

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)IT & Cybersecurity 6-8 Years

Job Description

•Serve as Team Leader by identifying, distributing, and balancing workload and tasks to team members in accordance with established workflow, skill level, and/or occupational specialization.
•Reports to the supervisor on team and individual work accomplishments, problems, and progress in mastering tasks and work processes, and individual and team training needs.
•Provides updates to the supervisor on work progress and identifies training needs of the team; analyzes and assesses the team?s effectiveness, efficiency and recommends approaches for improvement.
•As a technical expert in the Applications Software IT specialty, may serve as a project leader/consultant to oversee and coordinate a staff of IT specialists.
•Briefs management on strategies to be used to exploit and implement new developments and advanced techniques in the area of software design and maintenance.

Posted On

July 29, 2020