DevOps Engineer

DeveloperTownProduct Development 3-5 Years


Python, Ruby, node.js, .net, SQL

Job Description

The day to day:
-Designing infrastructure and automated systems to support distributed architecture
-Developing tools to manage configuration and deployment of infrastructure
-Development of and training on forecasting and planning techniques, enabling clients to scale while remaining efficient
-Collaborate with developers to design and set up computing environments that meet requirements

-2-5 years of experience developing software in Linux platforms
-2-5 years of experience performance tuning and capacity planning for scalable infrastructure
-1-3 years of experience with configuration management tools such as Ansible, Puppet, or Chef
-1-2 years working experience with automation scripting with Python or Ruby
-Working experience with container technology such as Docker and Kubernetes
-Knowledge with cloud orchestration tools such as AWS CloudFormation or Terraform
-Experienced in using CI/CD tooling with Jenkins, Azure Devops or similar technologies
-Familiar with the cloud platforms our clients use such as AWS, GCP, and Azure

Posted On

April 9, 2019