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DT Starts – CTO in Residency

ADDRESS: 5255 Winthrop Ave , Indiana 46220


If you’ve been building your career to be CTO of a red-hot startup someday, the CTO-In-Residence position at DeveloperTown Starts is the perfect next step. It’s the ultimate learning experience: We expect most CTOs-In-Residence will spend at least 12 months working alongside great founding teams while learning from the experienced DeveloperTown team, and then either join a startup they fall in love with or start their own!

Being a star startup CTO also means being a great technical cofounder. Working on the DeveloperTown Starts team goes way beyond the “Chief Technical” part of the job and gives you the chance to legitimately add “Officer” to your title by learning the business side of startups. You will participate in our constant debates on the next most important steps and the relative risks/rewards of each. And the chance to work alongside both seasoned and first-time entrepreneurs and connect with our advisors and investors will serve you incredibly well when you launch into your own startup.

The position is fully paid, expects a “startup-level” commitment from you, and includes the chance to earn equity participation in the startups on which you work. We’re looking for candidates with at least:

⁃ 2 years of Ruby on Rails experience
⁃ Demonstrated ability to develop full web apps (please have samples of your work)

Your responsibilities will include:
⁃ Working with our CTO to create technology strategies for our co-founded companies
⁃ Working with company co-founders to implement the technology strategy
⁃ Delivering stellar codebases ready to scale and with low technical debt
⁃ Implementing strategies for long-term code evolution and maintenance

Core technologies we use:
⁃ Ruby on Rails
⁃ React / Redux
⁃ PostgreSQL
⁃ Docker
⁃ Node.js (just a bit, maybe more in the future.)

You should:
⁃ Be able to work in a team
⁃ Enjoy learning from others
⁃ Be a clear written and verbal communicator
⁃ Have kick-@** problem solving skills
And most importantly:
⁃ Show a willingness and readiness to lead and inspire other technical team members

When you’re ready to become a star startup CTO, email us at:

Date Posted: 02/24/2017
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CATEGORY: App Development, Consulting/Dev IT Services CITY: Indianapolis

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