Data Integration Developer

DigonexProduct Development 3-5 Years


Java, Python, SQL

Job Description

About Digonex

Part of the Emmis Communications portfolio of companies, Digonex is a leading provider of dynamic pricing solutions across a variety of industry sectors including attractions (e.g. zoos, museums, theme parks), live entertainment, and sports teams. Our team of Ph.D. economists customizes our pricing algorithms based on each client’s unique business goals and requirements, using data from both the ticketing system and from complementary sources to provide a complete view of guest purchasing behavior. Clients review and approve, reject, or adjust our price recommendations via the web-based SEATS (Sports and Entertainment Analytical Ticketing System) Price Delivery Portal.

About the Position

To be successful as our next Data Integration Developer, you need to be well organized, curious, thorough, and unafraid to ask questions. Effective and efficient oral and written communication is essential. Requirements can vary greatly from one project to the next, so you must have a demonstrated ability to adapt to new situations as well as to learn and to apply new tools quickly.

Position Responsibilities

--Study data sources by interviewing users, including client resources; identify the relationships among data sets; establish data integration specifications
--Transform data, writing custom code as needed
--Validate ingestion routines; identify and resolve data integrity issues, coordinating with clients and partners as necessary
--Transfer knowledge of data sources, integration processes, techniques, and issues to application and support teams
--Answer technical and procedural questions for, and communicate data findings with, technical and non-technical resources
--Maintain legacy systems; follow advancement of new technology; provide input for data management standards, standard operating procedures, and product improvements
--Conduct appropriate functional and performance testing to identify data quality issues

Education, Background, and Skill Requirements:

--Bachelor’s degree in a programming-related field
--2+ years Python experience
--2+ years developing and/or supporting system integrations (API-based integrations preferred)
--Java experience a plus
--Comfort working in both Windows and Linux environments
--2+ years working with relational databases
--Document-oriented database experience preferred
--Familiarity with a statistical package like Stata or R is a plus
--Demonstrated ability to leverage existing software packages and incorporate new languages, as appropriate
--Ability to incorporate new technology into current and future business applications
--Strict attention to detail

Posted On

March 22, 2021