Software Engineer – Django, Python, Swift, Kotlin, MariaDB (MySQL)

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Python, iOS Swift, SQL

Job Description

NOTE TO CANDIDATES: In response to the Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) pandemic, we have suspended all in-person interviewing. However, we are optimistic that the situation will be resolved and that life will largely return to normal. Therefore, we are continuing to recruit for positions and will be conducting interviews via phone and video conferencing until such time as the government recommendations regarding social distancing are updated or lifted. At such time as our office reopens, some degree of in-person interaction at the office will be required. As such, only candidates residing in the central Indiana area who could reasonably commute to the office will be considered.

At Earthwave Technologies, we are paving the future of managing construction initiatives. We are a small group of tight knit, self-fueled individuals with an innate ability to create, who believe in the success of the team. We believe in trying new technologies, talking things through, and recognition for our accomplishments. We know each other to be human and therefore not perfect, but we mentor each other and hold each other accountable. We push each other to be better, help each other achieve short and long term goals, and ultimately anything we set our minds to.

We are an Agile shop that develops SaaS software that works with IoT devices to collect telematics data from construction equipment.

We are seeking Software Engineers to join our Engineering team. Within our suite of solutions, we use a variety of related technologies including Python, Django, Flask, MariaDB (MySQL), Swift (iOS Apps), Kotlin (Android Apps), and more. Software Engineers will be assigned work based on their skills, experience, and interests.

With this posting, we are seeking multiple Software Engineers. We are interviewing and hiring candidates from entry-level to senior-level.

We provide a fun working environment and the opportunity to build a rewarding career. We're looking for someone who loves getting deep into the weeds figuring out how to do amazing things that help our customers run their operations more efficiently and effectively.

Earthwave Technologies, Inc. is a construction telematics provider located in Indianapolis, IN, whose mission is to continue to develop and deliver the best telematics products for the heavy equipment industry. We will do this by consistently providing the best tools and support to improve our customers’ ability to manage their heavy assets, operations and profitability while enriching the lives of employees, shareholders and our communities.

Duties and Tasks/Essential Functions for our Software Engineers:

Work in a heavily project-based, hybrid agile environment
Receive features, bugs and tasks to accomplish which best fits their array of skills and provide continuous opportunities to grow.
Treat each assignment as a project through brainstorming, research, design, development, quality assurance, improvement and delivery to production
Communicate with Senior Software Engineers with any questions and guidance needed to deliver on expectations the first time around.
Learn new frameworks, technologies, languages, and techniques able to adapt to the changing needs of our product.
Continuously work to reduce code complexity and maintainability.
Communicate openly and honestly with everyone, even when we know the news will not be positively received.
Consistently keep customer needs in mind.
Maintain and evolve our product in ways that do not negatively impact our customer.
Build assignments with empathy for our customer’s needs.
Work with manager and product owner to meet specification needs.
Follow standard processes and procedures.
Maintain quality by adhering to organization standards.​
Embrace humility and let go of their ego.
Characteristics and Qualifications:

You are a good candidate for this position if you like to work under minimal supervision and experience fulfillment by delivering what was only an imaginative idea into a polished fully functional feature.

Team player mentality; you seek to mentor and be mentored
You understand that there are not a limited amount of ways to express code and that no one way of expressing logic is better than another
Believe in keeping things organized, modular, efficient, flexible, DRY and most importantly scalable
Must be proficient in some subset of the tools/languages/frameworks we use, including: Python, Django or MVC Frameworks, Swift, Kotlin, Git, Debugging SQL Procedures, Javascript, jQuery, Restful APIs.
Any experience with IDEs IntelliJ and/or Sublime Text is not required, but recommended.
Basic familiarity with Unix command line is required.
Familiarity with relational databases such as MySQL
Deadline and detail-oriented
Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
Focuses and guides self and team members in accomplishing work objectives.
Interacts with others in a way that gives them confidence in one’s intentions and those of the organization.
Makes customers and their needs a primary focus.
Establishes proper courses of action to ensure that work product is completed efficiently and on time/within proper time limits.
Maintains stable performance under pressure or opposition (such as time pressure or job ambiguity); handling stress in a manner that is acceptable to others and to the organization.
Possesses, acquires, and maintains the technical/professional expertise required to do the job effectively and to create effective customer solutions.
Actively appreciates and includes the diverse capabilities, insights, and ideas of others and working effectively and respectfully with individuals of diverse backgrounds, styles, abilities, and motivations.
Sets high standards of performance for self; assuming responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments or tasks; self-imposing standards of excellence rather than having standards imposed.

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March 29, 2021