Event Coordinator

EmplifyMarketing 3-5 Years

Job Description

Emplify is seeking an experienced Event Coordinator to support the demand generation efforts of the company’s events. This includes researching, booking, executing and following up on events that fit Emplify’s strategy. The Event Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring quota is met from each event along with coordinating speaking events for Emplify’s thought leaders. Outside of demand generation, this position must foster brand awareness and thought leadership through their owned initiatives and be a good steward of the brand.

A successful candidate will be extremely organized and be able to manage the logistics of multiple events simultaneously.

Event Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

-Search and evaluate strategic events based on target market, budget, right-fit audience density, internal bandwidth, and speaking opportunity
-Execute all pre-event and on-site logistics for confirmed events (third-party and self-hosted) such as contracts/invoicing, vendor relationships, shipping, and fulfilling event collateral needs
-Implement and iterate on booth messaging and design to ensure the brand value is being presented in the best way and providing best in-booth experience to attendees
-Work closely with sales team for enablement on messaging and booth requirements pre-event and providing proper support for messaging, ownership, timing, and frequency for post-event follow up
-Work with customer success team to leverage our customers for events including informing about upcoming events, learning about new events, and supporting the engagement strategists and customers on strategic experiences we plan for customers (speaking opportunities, dinners, happy hours, etc)
-Maintain up-to-date knowledge of product offerings, value props, and common objections in order to speak effectively while pitching events as well as on-site
-Report on SQL/SAL actuals for marketing programs to evaluate if and where strategy needs to change and ensure programs are meeting the demand gen model
-Brainstorm, execute, and manage follow up for direct mail campaigns that support event and outbound follow ups
-Identify webinar opportunities and work with the content team to execute self-hosted webinars to bring in new leads to the funnel and move current leads down the pipe
-Manage programs budget to ensure the budget is producing desired ROI and that spend is staying at or under what was allocated
-Maintain a strong working relationship with vendors and venues.
-Search and evaluate speaking opportunities for Emplify’s thought leaders and manage all logistical support

What we look for-
-Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience.
-Degree in Marketing a plus.
-Previous event planning experience (2-4 years)
-Experience working in a SaaS or B2B technology environment a plus

Core Competencies of Top Performers

-Detail oriented - Ensure every action item from each event gets completed on time and not overlooked through a high attention to detail.
-Proactive - Constantly work to troubleshoot potential problems or hiccups in the execution of events and marketing programs.
-Innovative - Continuously iterate on event messaging, booth experience, follow up strategy, and direct mailers to create the most effective overall strategy for marketing programs.
-Flexibility - Able to create a plan, but be willing to adapt to last minute needs, team bandwidth, and shifting company priorities.
-Efficient - Beyond innovating strategy, the marketing programs associate must be critical of the process and always look for ways to improve the process.
-Communicative - The Event Coordinator must be able to clearly communicate the need-to-know details of marketing initiatives. This role lives in the weeds, and must be able to create a holistic high level picture for various stakeholders, including executives, other marketing team members, and sales reps.
-Organization - At the core of this role is organization. Managing the needs and deadlines of each event and taking action to complete them as well as managing the needs from other teammates.

Posted On

December 6, 2018