Senior Back-end Engineer

FormstackProduct Development 6-8 Years


Java, JavaScript, node.js

Job Description

As a senior software engineer, you are a professional with a passion for problem-solving, motivation to continuously learn, and ability to make a meaningful impact on our products and teams. You should exercise a relentless ambition to build innovative solutions that maximize functionality while balanced with consideration of application simplicity, performance, scalability, extensibility, and security. You possess a solid proficiency with back-end programming, system operations, and associated services. You should also have a fundamental awareness of technologies used for front-end development and their correlation to back-end operations. You act as a leader within your area of expertise. You communicate effectively and collaborate well with colleagues. You are a detail-oriented individual that can help organize a project and see its execution through from start to finish. You are able to make reasonable decisions independently, while also knowing when to build consensus or reach out for help. You are a team player and enjoy having fun.

Posted On

October 27, 2021