Senior Software Engineer, Kafka

GenesysProduct Development 6-8 Years



Job Description

The Genesys Cloud Kafka Team provides infrastructure and services used by the entirety of the Genesys Cloud platform. Every microservice within the platform depends on our tier-0 mission-critical services. We build scalable, fault tolerant, and self-healing services that maintain high availability even when faced with simultaneous multiple failures at various levels. We deliver low latent services built to withstand high throughput usage patterns on the platform.

In this role, you’ll partner with product managers, software engineers, architects, and data scientists to support a variety of streaming and event-based services. The best person will have a strong engineering background, not shy from the unknown, and will be able to articulate vague requirements into deliverable product. Our team creates the integral services that form the fundamental backbone of Genesys Cloud.

Posted On

May 22, 2020