Technical Co-Founder

High Alpha InnovationOther 6-8 Years

Job Description

Our newest company is currently in stealth mode and seeking a technical co-founder, this StealthCo streamlines communications between on-site construction professionals including subcontractors, foreman, and superintendents to ensure projects can be executed on-time and on-budget. You’ll work closely with the internal High Alpha Innovation team while reporting directly to the CEO. Both our CEO and the High Alpha Innovation team leaders have seen exponential growth across a variety of SaaS platforms in multiple industries with successful exits.

As our technical co-founder you will partner with the CEO to build a big, important, durable business from the ground up. You’ll have the support of High Alpha Innovation’s venture studio team of experts and our corporate partner who will be the first customer, investor, and provide assets along the way to get this company launched. You’ll lead all engineering activities and have the unique opportunity to be a creator, builder, and innovator to build a world-class product from scratch. This is an exciting opportunity to make a great career leap from being a spoke in a wheel to a leader who’s running the show.

What you’ll do:

- Serve as a co-founder and executive partner to the CEO assisting shaping corporate strategy and company vision while participating in building conviction in the market, with investors, and customers

- Build, lead and grow the engineering team dedicated to the ongoing advancement of the our SaaS product and the roadmap towards delivery
Plan and define the architecture of the platform and extend engineering architectural patterns as the product expands

- Develop and support a culture of continuous improvement and best practices within the Engineering organization

- Develop and maintain a startup culture maturing with scale, and foster high level of employee motivation, performance, and commitment

- Design and develop clean, scalable, and maintainable code

- Work with modern frontend javascript frameworks like React, VueJS, or others

- Build with Node.js or other common server-side languages such as Golang, Python, etc.

- Execute continuous deployment practices, including automated testing and continuous integration

Posted On

May 13, 2021