Sr. Systems Analyst

Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center, Inc.IT & Cybersecurity 3-5 Years

Job Description

The Senior Systems Analyst is responsible for SQL databases, developing applications, administering Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and application software, creating data reports, and managing website content.

•Collaborate with IHTC departments and project teams to determine EMR content and functionality modifications. Design, test, and implement custom EMR solutions to meet organizational needs and coordinate necessary staff training on new content.
•Collaborate with IHTC departments and goal teams to determine application needs. Design, test, and implement custom applications utilizing a variety of platforms and programs, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, etc., and coordinate necessary staff training on new content.
•Administer all aspects of the EMR system, including troubleshooting defects, performing scheduled maintenance and upgrades, updating security, creating and maintaining user interfaces, and ensuring new employees are properly trained in EMR basics.
•Represent the IS department on goal teams involving technological objectives or questions as necessary.
•Program minor design changes for websites.
•Fulfill team leadership roles as assigned.
•Run ad-hoc, weekly and monthly reports for IHTC departments as requested.
•Update and add new content to websites as needed.

1.Developing, querying and building SQL databases.
2.Data security and recovery techniques.

1.Providing attention to detail and documentation.
2.Both oral and written communication.
3.Building effective working relationships.

1.Communicate effectively in user-friendly terms both orally and in writing.
2.Solve problems effectively.
3.Be well organized and prioritize effectively.


This position requires occasional travel to outreach clinics throughout the state of Indiana, as well as minimal travel to training or conferences.

Minimum Bachelor’s degree in related field with at least 5 year related experience or a minimum of 12 years related experience

Valid driver’s license and insured automobile required.

IHTC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Posted On

July 3, 2019