Automation Engineer

KAR Auction ServicesIT & Cybersecurity 3-5 Years

Job Description

Who We Are:
At KAR Auction Services Inc., the Service Operations team designs, deploys and operates infrastructure and applications across multiple environments and around the globe.  We are a dynamic and innovative team which aims to provide exceptional customer experience by leveraging best in class automation and orchestration practices for infrastructure and applications.  Automation Engineers are a key for transforming our environments into highly available, rapidly recoverable infrastructure to maintain exceedingly high services levels with our customers.  We strive to hire people who are looking to make an impact and thrive in a freedom filled environment driven by context.

About Our Candidate:
We’re looking for a skilled engineer who excels in development and infrastructure including instrumentation, network, server and storage.  This is an excellent position for developers who enjoy working on infrastructure as code and define success as producing well instrumented, repeatable, error-free deployments of infrastructure and applications.  We’re looking for experience in automation, metrics and tooling, with a deep understanding of infrastructure and cloud architecture.  Our candidate is passionate about rapid, repeatable and error-free deployments which ultimately culminate in success for the business.

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August 8, 2019