StateRAMP PMO Sr. Information Security Analyst

Knowledge ServicesIT & Cybersecurity 3-5 Years

Job Description

The Sr. Information Security Analyst will participate as a member of the StateRAMP PMO Team, reporting to the Manager of Information Security. This individual will monitor CSP security packages throughout the ready, authorization and continuous monitoring phases for security issues. S/He will ensure proper implementation of security technologies across CSP solutions, and document and/or communicate gaps or concerns found to 3PAO and state personnel. S/He will make recommended modifications to established policy, procedure, and configuration to improve security standards and will stay abreast of threat trends and security best practices.

In the event of a breach, the Sr. Information Security Analyst will coordinate CSP/3PAO/State communication to effectively identify the extent of breach, participate in ongoing risk mitigation steps, and participate in communication efforts associated with the issue.

Posted On

March 25, 2021