Mobile Apps Developer

KPIT TechnologiesIT & Cybersecurity 3-5 Years

Job Description

Job Summary:

Develops customer features and key infrastructure components for mobile applications running on Android, iOS, and other platforms.


· Plans tasks with the support of the team and Scrum Master.
· Develops designs, implements, and tests C++, Android, and iOS components.
· Applies the established practices and processes on the team and supports improvement activities.
· Looks for opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of development process through lessons learned activities.

Skills / Competencies:

· 3 - 4 years of experience in C++ development. Willing to even hire college hire.
· Proficiency in memory management in C++ libraries.
· Knowledge of cross-platform portability.
· Experience in mobile application development.
· Proficiency in C++ STL libraries.
· Proficiency in Data structures and design patterns.
· Able to debug code and optimize bottlenecks.
· Knowledge of standard sorting, searching & other algorithms.
· Database systems and concepts - Oracle/MySQL/similar.
· Network protocols - HTTP/SFTP/CAN/SAE J1939/REST.

Posted On

May 18, 2021