DevOps/Software Engineer

LessonlyProduct Development 0-2 Years


JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, CSS

Job Description

DevOps/Software Engineer
at Lessonly
Indianapolis, IN
Lessonly is looking for a DevOps Engineer to help build and manage our web hosting and infrastructure. You will empower our developers and testers to do better work.

Summary (tl;dr)
Because of rapid customer growth, we’re bumping up against constraints with our current hosting provider and we are planning a move to AWS. We need you to help us in our transition to the next generation of infrastructure. We’re looking for you to assist in implementing the tools and techniques to make it happen.

We are hiring an engineer dedicated to building and managing our hosting infrastructure, security, deployment pipeline, CI tools, and architecture. We are looking for somebody who can help us shape not only our infrastructure, but our processes, pipelines, and workflows. We are beginning to build all of these, but we are ready to commit.

We are a tight-knit group with diverse backgrounds who value our culture. Individually, we strive to be humble, hungry, and people-smart. As a team we put learners first, we challenge ourselves, we do what is right, we share before we are ready, we have difficult conversations, we critique in love, and we make time for life. These aren’t just slogans we put on the wall…we love and live by our culture.

So, if you are a hungry engineer who is looking to jump on a path of continuous learning, continuous improvement, and a team that values outcomes over output…look no further, you may be a Lessonly Llama and just don’t know it yet.

Candidates for this role will be most successful if they have a desire to grow in our entire stack but specialize immediately in the infrastructure. Specifically, a love for AWS, infrastructure, Ruby on Rails, and automation will take you a long way!

Full Description
A Bit About You as an Engineer
You have some experience and are hungry to continue learning and growing.
You have managed the infrastructure for web-based applications for at least 2 years; with 1 year dedicated to using AWS.
You have built automated workflows to keep deployment overhead down and infrastructure management efficiency high.
You consider security when building and auditing infrastructure.
Your instinct is to do what is right.
You test your code and architecture before using it in live environments.
You help your teammates, even when you have a deadline.
You consider how your work will impact internal users and customers - and bring up any concerns.
You work together with the engineers to build the right thing.
You like to challenge yourself.
You find innovative solutions to challenging problems and continually strive to make yourself and the team better.
You critique in love.
You’ve participated in pair programming and peer reviews. You excel as part of a team, including giving and receiving constructive criticism and advice.
A Bit About You as a Human
You thrive when trusted to make the right decisions, but don’t hesitate to ask for clarification or help when you could use it.
You’re curious, always learning, and love to get to the bottom of things. "For some reason..." is only the beginning for you, never the end.
You have strong opinions (weakly held) on how things can be better, and take initiative to improve them without having to be asked.
You are passionate and balanced.
You're passionate enough about this stuff that you maybe have a side project, a blog, a collection of books you geek out over, or evil lair guarded by Arduino-powered robot sentries—or maybe you’re an active member of your local meeting community.
Though you love your craft, you also make time for life.
A Bit About Us as an Engineering Team
We're committed to doing things in the very best ways we can.
Code: We write tests, run continuous integration, have a strong code-review culture, and will always hear you out when you've got an idea for improvement.
Process: We share early and often (sometimes times before we are ready) because we are inspired by the agile manifesto’s focus on interaction, collaboration, and working software. We love the culture of learning required by lean principles. Beyond that, we are in an ever-evolving state of experimenting with the best ways to deliver the highest value, as quickly as possible, while being proud of what we ship and having fun doing it.
We're constantly learning and sharing what we’ve learned. We'd love it if you taught us a few things.
We host a weekly lunch meeting (LunchConf) that focuses on continuing education through discussion, watching conference talks, and peer presentations on engineering concepts.
A Bit About Our Org Design
We take a matrixed approach to org design. There is your discipline specialty—what you do. Then there is your team—what your daily focus and goals will be.
Org Design:: Discipline Specialty
Software Engineer (Front-end Specialist): Primarily uses technologies such as Javascript (React/Redux) and Sass (CSS) (some legacy rails erb files sprinkled in).
Software Engineer (Back-end Specialist): Primarily uses Ruby (on Rails); has a familiarity and love for API design and uses a plethora of other technologies, including but not limited to email services, background job engines such as Sidekiq and PostgreSQL.
Site Reliability/DevOps Engineer: Love debating which is better, Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS? You might be a DevOps engineer. Love talking about scalability, business continuity, and consistent performance? You might be a DevOps engineer. Want to be on the cutting edge of automating infrastructure by using chef, puppet, terraform, or containerizing the world? You might be a DevOps engineer.
Software Engineer (Full-stack): Our goal is for everyone to be able to contribute their superpowers to the mission of the team. We find that usually means a specialization, but we fully support those that aspire to deliver across the stack.
We have a strong culture of empathy and cross-functional ability. Therefore, many of our engineers can and often do cross the following two primary focuses. However, in order to balance the culture of full-stack/cross-functional and deep knowledge craftsmanship, we have primary focuses:
Org Design:: Teams
Regardless of your discipline specialty, every team will likely need a variety of expertise in order to be successful. Let’s dig into what the three types of teams are, as of today.
“XFunc”: These are small cross-functional teams that will be given business objectives and will be responsible for deciding the best way to accomplish the objectives. It includes 1 PM, 1 designer, 1 software engineer in test, and 3-5 engineers—likely 1 senior, and possibly 1 frontend specialist. Cloud engineers will likely not live on these teams.
“Ops”: These folks have to embrace the chaos—no two days will likely be the same. The prime objective for this team is the ensure our maintenance costs stay low, reliability and performance stays high, and we are architecturally setup for the future.
“Tech Services”: This is the customer-facing team that is critical for success. If the “squaddies” default answer is “no” to custom requests for customers, this team’s default answer is “maybe”. Their goals are broken into three main areas: “Time to Value”, “Tier 2 Support” and handling “Custom Engineering requests”.
A Bit About Us as Humans
We're a growing (~25-person) product & engineering team in a fast-moving growth-stage startup in Indy. You'll have a significant impact on what our team and company can deliver.
We have an award-winning company culture focused on openness and supporting each other.
We build a really cool product that helps people learn how to do their jobs better.
We're involved in the local tech community: we’ve presented at Indy.rb, Indy Elixir is run by one of our own, we are active in IndyHackers, and a few of us won at the 2015 Indy Civic Hackathon. Come to help us do more!

Lessonly benefits to help you do better work and live a better life:

Health insurance—dental, medical, and life. We help you stay covered.
Competitive pay, a 401k plan, and equity. Money matters and we like to think about the ways you can win as we win.
Tech Stipend. Helping you with the tech gear you need for the things you do.
Unlimited paid time off. Keeping this benefit simple so it’s simple for you to use it when you want to use it.
Parental leave. Because we think it's important to spend time with your new family.
Drinks and snacks. What’s your favorite LaCroix flavor?
Yoga, Nintendo, and Pop-a-Shot.
Free parking with downtown Indianapolis office.

Posted On

July 2, 2019