Fullstack Software Engineer

LessonlyProduct Development 3-5 Years


JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React

Job Description

We are a tight-knit group with diverse backgrounds who value our culture. Individually, we strive to be humble, hungry, and people-smart. As a team we put learners first, we share before we are ready, we ask clarifying questions, we highlight what’s working, we have difficult conversations, we get agreements, and we make time for life. These aren’t just slogans we put on the wall…we love and live by our culture.

So, if you are a hungry engineer who is looking to jump on a path of continuous learning, continuous improvement, and a team that values impacting real people in a real way… look no further, you may be a llama and just don’t know it yet.

The candidate in this role will be most successful if they have a desire to grow in our entire stack but have familiarity with React, Ruby, and Postgres (or a similar stack). And knowing some C#/Java is a great bonus!

Candidates for this role will typically have at least 4 years of experience building production software, but if you've gained equivalent experience in another way, we'd still love to talk.

What you'll be doing:
Full Stack Engineer (75-80%): As a full stack engineer, you’ll work alongside other full stack engineers, designers, testers, and product managers to figure out how best to meet our customers’ needs in a lean, accessible, internationalized, and extensible way. You’ll be working making app Lessonly changes to launch new features to allow customers better access to their data. You’ll need an entrepreneurial mindset—one with a customer-focus and a willingness to creatively solve challenges.

Code Reviewer (20-25%): All code at Lessonly is peer-reviewed before we ship it, not just for completeness and correctness but as a primary venue for collaboration and honing our craft.

Posted On

January 5, 2022