Mid-Senior UI Engineer

LessonlyProduct Development 3-5 Years


JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, CSS

Job Description

Mid-Senior UI Engineer
at Lessonly
Indianapolis, IN
We are a tight-knit group with diverse backgrounds who value our culture. Individually, we strive to be humble, hungry, and people-smart. As a team we put learners first, we share before we are ready, we ask clarifying questions, we highlight what’s working, we have difficult conversations, we get agreements, and we make time for life. These aren’t just slogans we put on the wall…we love and live by our culture.

So, if you are a hungry engineer who is looking to jump on a path of continuous learning, continuous improvement, and a team that values impacting real people in a real way… look no further, you may be a llama and just don’t know it yet.

We’re looking for a front-end engineer to join our Platform team primarily to guide the development of our UI Component Library, the implementation in code of our design system. The ideal candidate will have strong opinions (weakly held) about what makes a good abstraction, experience writing code that other engineers depend on, and values team success over personal achievement.

Roles & Responsibilities:
Front-end Engineering (50-60%): As a front-end engineer, you’ll work alongside back-end engineers, designers, testers, product managers, and product owners to figure out how best to meet our customers’ needs in a lean, accessible, internationalized, and extensible way. Our front-end codebase depends primarily on React and Redux, Webpack, and SCSS-preprocessed CSS, with a sprinkle of legacy jQuery and Backbone that we’re working on replacing.
Code Reviewing (20-25%): All code at Lessonly is peer-reviewed before we ship it, not just for completeness and correctness but as a primary venue for collaboration and honing our craft.
Front-End Architecture (10-20%): Engineers across the stack are responsible for not just following but contributing to our various Style Guides. This individual will collaborate with all UI engineers on changes with architectural scope (e.g. new patterns, conventions, and dependencies) and help continue building an extensive component and pattern library along with the templates, documentation and reference applications to get started. Additionally, this individual will help maintain the design system and push the project forward alongside other developers, designers, and product managers in an agile environment.
Software Engineering Enablement (0-10%): If architecture is about ensuring we’re building with the future in mind, enablement is about helping define what that future should look like and equipping all engineers with the tools they need to build it. On their own or collaborating through our Front-End Guild, engineers can set aside time to improve our build tools (eslint, prettier, CSS preprocessors, and more), tackle tech debt, and otherwise make things better for fellow engineers and ultimately our customers
Critical Abilities
Client-side tech (JS—React in particular—CSS, and HTML)
We love side projects (and have a few of our own) but will particularly value experience writing and maintaining code with a team at scale.
Working Cross-Functionally
Front-end engineers at Lessonly work closely with back-end engineers, designers, testers, and product managers. People skills, along with a desire to both learn and teach, are essential.
Producing value, not work
As demonstrated by frequently asking clarifying questions about the intended impact of the work, weighing options, and devising creative solutions to complex problems.
Showing progress through iteration
As demonstrated by taking a big problem and decomposing it into shippable chunks that can ensure all parties are aligned on the outcome.
Bilingualism (business and technical)
As demonstrated by being able to translate the non-technical business needs into a clear technical action plan and vice versa, seamlessly.
Promises delivered
As demonstrated by being known for the ability to make an estimate, establish a deadline collaboratively, and hit that mark.
Beneficial Abilities
As demonstrated by a passion for building interfaces that serve the broadest range of users, and fluency with standards like Section 508 of the American with Disabilities Act and the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
Nice-to-have Abilities
Server-side tech (especially Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Docker)
As demonstrated by having built server-side tools, applications, APIs, or similar.
Lessonly benefits to help you do better work and live a better life:
Health insurance—dental, medical, and life. We help you stay covered.
Competitive pay, a 401k plan, and equity. Money matters and we like to think about the ways you can win as we win.
Tech Stipend. Helping you with the tech gear you need for the things you do.
Unlimited paid time off. Keeping this benefit simple so it’s simple for you to use it when you want to use it.
Parental leave. Because we think it's important to spend time with your new family.
Drinks and snacks. What’s your favorite LaCroix flavor?
Yoga, Nintendo, and Pop-a-Shot.
Free parking with downtown Indianapolis office.

Posted On

July 2, 2019