Service Delivery Coordinator

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Service Delivery Coordinator
at Lessonly
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Service Delivery Coordinator

Job Description and Responsibilities

Overview of the Role
Welcome to the Services Team!
Accelerate usage and adoption while reducing barriers of entry for current and prospective Lessonly customers.
The Services Delivery Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating the delivery of specific Lessonly Services across available part-time resources to ensure timely and quality delivery as well as optimizing the processes currently in place. You must have prior experience coordinating schedules, planning resource allocations, and working well in dynamic and collaborative environments. We’re also looking (for) with someone with experience using platforms to manage the workload and have strong Excel skills including understanding of Pivot tables, VLOOKUPS, and other advanced formulas.

Due to availability of these part-time resources, you may need to answer questions during non-business hours. This is a full time position and Lessonly will work with you to balance these extra hours throughout the week.

About Lessonly Services: Clients invest in Lessonly to transform the way that learning and training happens inside the organization. Fortunately, we license a best-in-class platform to help. But for clients to go from 0-60 quickly and for renewing clients to actualize full potential, our Services department owns the design, delivery, enterprise sales consulting, and enablement internally for our Services offerings.

Currently Lessonly’s Services offering is focused on supporting customers through Content and Planning. As a member of the Services Team, you’ll work collaboratively with other members of the Services team.

This position will be located out of Lessonly’s Indianapolis office.

Your Primary Responsibilities
The Services Coordinator role is comprised of the following responsibilities that center around the operational side of our Content offering:

Content Transformation Process Ownership
Managing Content Transformation Specialist and Reviewer availability and allocation
Coordinating the Content creation process via Asana
Ongoing Optimization
Additional Services Delivery support
Content Transformation Process Ownership
Many of our customers already have existing training documents, but don’t have the resources/manpower to migrate that into Lessonly. Here we take their PDFs, Word or Google Docs, Slide Decks, etc. and we transform them into a Lesson.

To do this, we work across a team of part-time Content Transformation Specialists and Reviewers. Once these requests are entered into Asana (our current project management tool) by a Lessonly Service Delivery Manager, the Service Delivery Coordinator is responsible for assigning out the work across the Specialists and Reviewers taking into consideration both their availability, aptitudes, and workload.

Note: Specialists and Reviewers will be managed, coached, and trained by the Content Program Manager (CPM). As the Service Delivery Coordinator, you’ll work closely with the CPM.

Success includes:

Resource Allocation
Coordinating transformations and reviews to support on-time delivery
Strong communication with Specialists, Reviewers, and other Services Team members
Positive, friendly, and hard-working nature
Ongoing Process Optimization
At Lessonly, two of our values are ‘Share before your ready’ and ‘Critique in love’. The combined message of these promotes a positive environment that fuels constant iteration and improvement. Our current transformation processes are home grown and, once these are understood, a successful Service Delivery Coordinator will bring prior coordination and operational experience to help us make these processes more efficient and effective. We are looking for someone to take ownership and take this to the next level.

Success includes:

Understanding current workflow
Identifying the need for additional or different tools
Streamlined assignment process
Establishing weekly reporting of metrics such as hours to build, review, etc.
Ensure existing content is relevant and consistent
Client facing content follows Lessonly best practices
Creation of a Lessonly University content maintenance plan
Coordinate Lessonly University content organization
Services Delivery and Support
The Service Delivery Coordinator will support the Services Team’s ability to deliver Lessonly services to customers. While the majority of your current assignments are related to building Content (Lessons), our offering will continue to grow. As it evolves, you’ll need to not only coordinate across a broader and more diverse resource base, but help with any overflow from other team members.

Examples of additional Services you would need to support include:

Assess: Consolidating feedback from Training Gap Assessments, Content Audits, Role Audits
Plan: Learn Tab and Tagging Organization
Build: Transforming and reviewing Lessons, Path and Lesson optimization and rework
Success includes:

Timely delivery
Strong communication with Lessonly Services and other Lessonly Stakeholders
Consistent and organized execution
Resource allocation
Time tracking
Team Goals
The Services Team’s goals for 2019:

Core measure is growing the recurring “services” component of Lessonly’s revenue to be 10% of new ARR.
Optimizing and expanding the Services we offer.
Sales targets related to the sale of services
Renewal percentages
One-time versus recurring services
Total Services Revenue
Delivery of Services Measures
Timelines to complete
Customer Satisfaction Surveys post-services delivery
Lessonly benefits to help you do better work and live a better life:
Health insurance—dental, medical, and life. We help you stay covered.
Competitive pay, a 401k plan, and equity. Money matters and we like to think about the ways you can win as we win.
Tech Stipend. Helping you with the tech gear you need for the things you do.
Unlimited paid time off. Keeping this benefit simple so it’s simple for you to use it when you want to use it.
Parental leave. Because we think it's important to spend time with your new family.
Drinks and snacks. What’s your favorite LaCroix flavor?
Yoga, Nintendo, and Pop-a-Shot.
Free parking with downtown Indianapolis office.

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February 25, 2019